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 When I was fifteen years old, my mom passed away from cancer after a long fight. Of all the events in my life, this is the one experience that has shaped me more than any other: it is the lodestone that has guided me to the path I am currently on.


 When I think about what makes me qualified to help people, I think about the arc of my life from that moment to the place where I am now. From an instant of profound sorrow and loss, I have arrived at a place of peace, understanding and joy, a place where I feel as if my heart is whole and healed. In my processing of that loss, I have found a calling to help others heal; to guide other people towards finding the same joy and passion that I feel in my life. I have walked through hard times and come out the other side, and I feel called to help others in the walks of their lives. I want to help you in the walk of your life.


 I believe that my intuition has been quietly guiding me along my journey to where I stand now. I began my career journey at Wheelock College. I went through the four years and graduated all while I was still totally unsure what my thing was going to be. I studied many subjects but my main focus was psychology, human development and Child Life. They all had a similar theme: helping people experience wellness or at the very least helping someone smile. My intuition has always guided me right back to the same point: I love helping people feel fulfilled, confident, capable and be connected to their unique self, which ultimately leads to satisfaction in life. From my own experience, healing of my mind, body and spirit have lead me to be more connected to who I truly want to be.

 What I discovered through my own process is that healing takes place on many different levels. Like an onion, as we peel back the layers, we are able to expose more of what is at the core. This does not come from any notion that we need to be ‘fixed’. Instead, this comes from an understanding that we are already whole. We are a goddess, a warrior, a brother, a wife, a daughter. I believe that the practice of Reiki reminds us of our wholeness. It helps to heal the deep root of our pain so we can move forward without dragging our guilt and shame and fear behind us. Imagine, peeling back that belief that we will never find love, only to find that dream partner was right next to us? Imagine peeling back the layer that said we were never going to be good enough, and discovering that we have always been good enough, and that it is only a layer of fear that needed to be peeled back to show our beautiful, shining, authentic self. Just imagine the freedom, to actually be free of the limits we create for ourselves, free of the deceits we mistake as truths. We deserve this. You deserve this.


 Time gives us layers upon layers of experiences. In those layers are lessons and perspectives that can guide us along the journey of our lives. My work is to help you find the path you truly want, and give you the tools to stay on that path, so that you can live with joy in your heart.



 My Credentials:
  • Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Child Life at Wheelock College

  • Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher through the Usui Siki Ryoho Lineage

Laura Fleming
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