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Life Coaching


  • To gain clarity on what is keeping you from living the life you desire.

  • To discover where you want to be in your life: within your family, socially, in relationships, in your career, financially, spirituality.

  • To find a greater sense of well-being.

  • To empower you to live a bold, fearless life.

  • To identify patterns that continuously show up in your life, and change those patterns.

  • To gain a greater balance between work and life.

  • To take action based on your core values.

  • To become the leader of your life.

  • To gain a sense of purpose, and a sense of value.

  • To find peace of mind.

  • To feel completely connected to yourself and have that connection show through your actions and how your life is transforming.


  • By exploring and defining your values.

  • By assessing where you are in relation to your core values and clarifying how connected your actions are to those values.

  • By diving into what is your driving force, your oxygen in life.

  • Through regular weekly or bi-weekly check-ins that allow us to track your progress in relationship to your goals.

  • By setting goals in each session that will get you closer to your larger end goal we established, and by noting and celebrating your progress each week. How has your mood improved? Are your relationships flowing easier? Are you finding greater balance across the board and how is your overall physical health?

  • By growing and enhancing your mind, body and spirit connection in your daily life for overall well-being.

  • By using coaching tools to clear away any beliefs that do not help raise your happiness and consciousness.

  • By learning tools to carry you forward when you ‘graduate’ from my coaching, which you will apply throughout your life on your own.

  • By putting the power of your life where it belongs: in your own hands.

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